when will the family be arriving?

They are here! They arrived on February 25th.


Where is Nyarugusu Refugee Camp?

What is MCC?

MCC is the Mennonite Central Committee. MCC is a widely known and well-respected non-governmental organization that has been working with refugee resettlement for more than 90 years (among many other forms of social service). MCC is a Christian organization, but is non-evangelical. Its global work focuses on three specific areas: relief in times of crisis, development, and peace work. MCC embraces religious differences.


why partner with them?

MCC has for years been a leading facilitator for the resettlement process. They provide a Refugee Resettlement Worker who will assist our group, match us with a family that’s a good fit, hold our funds in trust (because this is a government-assisted sponsorship), issue charitable donation receipts, work with our group’s treasurer to balance budgeting, and basically give us the support we need while we provide support, in turn, to a refugee family in our community.

How much does it cost?

The Canadian Government's sponsorship application guide recommends budgeting $35,000 for a family of seven, including start-up costs and 12 months of income support. Taking into account the cost of living in Calgary plus additional expenses not included in the guide, we estimated that $50,000 would be a better target. We are aiming to raise half of that through donations.

WHERE DOes the money go?

Anywhere and everywhere it needs to: housing, furniture and housewares, utilities, food, clothing, transportation, language/employment training, interpreters, childcare, medical, recreational and cultural needs, for example.

OK, HOw can i help?

Thanks for asking! If you'd like to donate money, or make an in-kind donation of furniture or household items, see our donations page.