Your donation will help cover the cost of the family's first year in Calgary. 

Think about all the costs you might face when starting life in a new country: housing, furniture, housewares, food, clothing, utilities, transportation, language and employment training, interpreters, childcare, medical, recreational and cultural needs. We have budgeted $50,000 to cover at least a year in Calgary to get the family on their feet.



Thank you for your generosity! We have raised close to $50,000 that will go towards our family's needs in their first year. Amazing! We know there will be further expenses both during and beyond their first year, so we're now accepting donations at GoFundMe. Please note that we are unable to provide tax receipts for your donations.

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In-Kind Donations

Christmas is coming! If you are able to spare a moment (and some dollars) for our family, amid the chaos of holiday planning for your own, please see our latest Signup Genius list - Christmas Version!

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